Still building my setup, but here’s what I’ve got.
  • ICOM IC-736 HF / 6m rig
    • Homebrew serial-to-PTT interface
    • Really terrible homebrew serial-to-CI-V
    • W2ENY Audio/PTT breakout cable
  • Baofeng UV-5R (Handheld UHV/VHF Dual-band Transceiver)
    • PC Interface cable (wow, what a difference)
  • SoftRock Ensemble RX II (1.8 – 30mhz Software-defined radio, receive only)
  • ULTIMAX-100 end-fed “HOA friendly” antenna
  • Various computers on Linux & Windows
  • EzCap TV Dongle / RTL-SDR (RTL2832U-based) interface for ~70-2,000mhz software-defined radio listening
    • Mostly using this with SDR#
  • PC Interface cable for the IC-736 (USB)

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